Sunday, September 18, 2011

GPS For Taxis

I headed my way to Blogapalooza yesterday and had a hard time getting a cab to take me to the venue. I've been in the place maybe about three times and yet I still felt at lost in the area. When I finally got a taxi cab, I told the driver to just take me to the address but it seemed that he was not familiar with the place even if I provided him the proper landmarks. He stopped whenever he sees a gasoline station or a policeman to ask which road to take. I wanted to tell him that it was his job to drive the passenger in a right direction and be familiar with the place. How I wish he knew how to go online to buy garmin nuvi gps at the source so it won't happen again to his next passenger.

I arrived at the place a little bit early despite being lost along the way. If I did not leave the house early, I doubt if I can make it at the event on time. I hope that he takes this gadget seriously so that the next passenger won't get mad at him. I did not give a single penny tip and just thanked him anyway for a safe trip.

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  1. ahahay!! may GPS car nmin kaya excited n ko mag drive!! :)) d n ko maliligaw! ang kaso mnsan ang GPS pag d updated maliligaw k dn :))


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