Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oryspa brings Spa Experience into your Home

I honestly did not know a thing about this product until it was introduced to us at Blogapalooza event. My curiousity leads me to their website to discover more and how this product is made of. I thought at first that Oryspa is a clinic for spa but yeah, it really has something to connect with spa. Products of Oryspa like Rice Bran Am Water Scrub can be used as Home and Spa Solution. They have a delicate essence (rice water) that will keep your scalp clean and healthy to promote hair growth.

Please check products like Baby Care, Bath and Body, Facial Care, Home and Spa, Pain Relief and others at their website. Links are provided below.

What is Oryspa? I will give you an overview of Oryspa and the products I already tried.

Oryspa means rice for spa. It actually brings spa experience into your home. I have tried myself a product like Rice Bran Baby Powder and had a very calming experience using it. Oryspa Rice Bran Baby Powder is a baby product that absorbs wetness and moisturizes baby's skin. I can't exactly explain the smell, I just so love it!

Oryspa Medication Balm soothes aches and pains. It is guaranteed safe even for kids. I don't need to buy separately a balm for me and my kids. It relieves headaches, migraines and insect bites too. I like the smell and this soothing balm makes me feel so relax. Not too strong nor too light.

You may check Oryspa at their website (links provided below) to discover other benefits of the products.

Facebook: Oryspa at Facebook
Twitter: @oryspa

You may inquire directly at their main office at:
251 D, BCC Building, Chipeco Ave.
near New City Hall
Calamaba Laguna
(049) 576-5743


  1. Hi there! I like the Oryspa Medication Balm it relaxes me. The talcum powder also smells good.
    Hope to see you soon! =)

  2. Never heard of it sis, mukhang effective ah. I tried so many products already trying to get rid of my calluses hahaha but noting worled, lifetime na ata existence ng kalyo ko lol.

    Happy weekend and regards to your dalagas!

  3. WOW this is cool!!! rice spa....hmmmm i think i need that.

  4. I like the balm, pampalit sa white flower least safe for kids too...i didn;t get the talc, wala sa lootbag ko...

  5. I hope Oryspa products are also available in other stores. I want to try that medication balm.

  6. Is there oryspa at sm clark and sm pampanga?


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