Friday, September 9, 2011

Nostalgia #69: the phone that was

I was supposed to submit an entry about the evolution of cellphones and gathered all the units here until I found out that the Blackberry unit was also missing. Just a recap. My daughter's cellphone got lost while on her way home. Her Nokia 5800Xpress Music has been with her for almost two years until she lost it the other day. To sum up, the price of the mobile phone was not really painful anymore considering the two worthy years of being a useful gadget. It was the sentimental value and the amount of time she spent and the effort she exerted in downloading all the music and videos and photos in the unit that hurt her more.

The Blackberry that was also in her bag together with her cellphone was the main target, I guess. That phone was locked-in in US network and therefore cannot be used in Manila. The Blackberry only served as her calendar, music and other entertainment but not as a tool of communication. The thief must have been unlucky that day for he thought that he hits two birds with one stone.

Anyways, it is better to use Nokia 1208. That's what I'm using now and I think it is even safe to publish it in my site even if the thief is stalking or reading my blog. Believe me, I often misplaced it, forget it at times, put it on the table in a restaurant but nobody dared to stole it. It is safer and practical to use it, don't you think. It already has been dropped for so many times, soak in the water, has served for four years now and yet it is still in excellent condition. An extra ordinary unit, right?
*I don't recommend to take your phone this way. I am just emphasizing how convenient and safe to use the cheaper ones.

Pick your phone from the above broken mobiles. I think that the Cherry Mobile which I bought for my younger daughter two years ago for only 1,000 ($24) is best to use these days because bad guys would probably mistaken it as a calculator. My younger daughter used this phone only for a week. I didn't really know the problem why it suddenly stop. Now, let's see if a service man can do something to revive.

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  1. Ouch, wawa naman si ate.. Oo nga sis,kala siguro ng thief eh magagamit nya yung isa. Oh well charged to experience hehehe.. When I was there in PI sis isa lang ang naging cellphone ko and I even took it here in States for my roaming service. I had it for years but decided to send it to my sister, she only used for months and nasira na wahhh. Salamat for joining, okay lang late hehehe..

  2. DI bale na nag celphone mawala, basta Ate is in good condition...hugs and kisses to her...


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