Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Post-It-Note Tuesday


Express yourself by Post-It-Note Tuesday!
Join us now with and have fun.
Head over now to SupahMommy for more Post It Tuesday.

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  1. Kala ko ako lang ang mommy na may favorite kay Spongebob. :D

    Quoting one of Spongebob's fave quote: "Everybody has something that makes them really happy."

    Have a nice day sis... humid afternoon actually. :)

    zero din pala blogs ko sa IPL :(

  2. Great post it's! Stopping by to say hi from Supah's PINT. Have a great day! :o)

  3. never got into spongebob here at my house... dd skipped it and ds is still an elmo and curious george fanatic.. but love the quotes! Happy PINT - stopping by from Supah's linky

  4. BX-anything= why I moved to WordPress. Good luck.
    Have a great Tuesday!

  5. That -is- a really cute quote, but I can't bring myself to get through a single episode of that show. Eep!

  6. I'm SO NOT a SpongeBob fan, but my daughter likes him. I try to change the channel before he comes on, but she always catches me! ;) Happy PINT!

  7. ako din, walang pang Opps ni BV, keep on posting sis :)

  8. hahhaha...if only Akesha can read...she will be laughing by now....fan kasi sya ni spongebob at patrick...lol!

    sensya na po te at ngayon lang me nakadalaw...been pretty busy lately kasi...will talk about it on my blog pretty soon....:)


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