Wednesday, July 28, 2010

social media

I was employed in marketing related business for about ten years until I resigned and tried a greener pasture abroad. The offer came in perfect time when my earnings were not even enough to sustain for my own living. And so when a very high paying job offer came, I immediately resigned without giving enough time to weigh things first before I accepted the job. Although marketing job was such a rewarding career for me, I left the office for financial reason. Working abroad opened more opportunity even if it required me to work twelve hours a day. It took me a lot of patience dealing with irate and demanding client. My ten years experience has helped me deal with different customers. The office that I have worked with honed me to become a better employee. Now that I am working at home, blogging becomes my career and I think a Social Media Agency would help me a lot in Internet business. My sister and I had quite different views in choosing a career. She settled for a publishing company with less pressure. She is now a Proofreader. She isn't after for a high paying job as she's fulfilled already with her present job. I asked her one time if she had any plan working abroad and she immediately answered no. She chose to be with her family and work as a stay at home mom after her 8-hour work time in the office.

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