Friday, July 23, 2010

Nostalgia #10 those were the days..

Here's another Baguio trip many years ago, I am not sure of the date, maybe about 17 years ago.. lol.

Baguio brings back lots of memories in my younger days.. more photos of my Baguio trip in my coming posts..

This will be a Baguio series until next half of August.
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  1. Wow sis mukhang pasyalan mo lang ang Baguio ah hehehe, I only went there once but lots of memories too.. Share ko sometime hehehe..

  2. Those were the days nga--halata sa fashion style eh lol!Ahhh!!Baguio!!Isang beses lang ako nakapunta dun--I'm looking forward for more photos^_^

    Hope youu can visit my late nostalgia when you have the time:

    Thanks and have a blessed weekend to you and your family!!

  3. hhmm... mga ilang taon kaya ako nito mommy nuts? hehehe... twice palang po ako nakapunta ng baguio, pero the memory remains kahit na matagal na...


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