Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Costumes for my Children

Kids love to wear different costumes. My younger daughter joined joined almost all the organizations and events during her pre school years. She even won an award for best costume. During nutrition month, she wore a strawberry dress and she was amazed by different fruit costumes of her classmates. And now that she's a little grown up, she's still active in joining different events in her school like playing lyre instrument. This morning, I looked for a dress shop that will sew her uniform but the adviser recommended me a shop that provides a complete set for a club member. She loves trying different style. If she's only to wear a male's costume, I guess she would try different Costume Kingdom for other occasions too.

While my younger daughter is involved in playing musical instrument, my older daughter is proud and active member of Girl Scout in their school. I think kids need to be involved in some activities like this to keep them active in real world. They might be busy online sometimes but to balance it, I told them to keep their studies and school organizations active too. Oh well, I'll be off in a while to buy costume and uniform for my children. I hope to find the exact size that will fit them, if not, I'll just look for one shop online.

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