Friday, July 23, 2010

Furniture for our Bedroom

Another long weekend awaits us. I wonder if my plan of visiting my friend will push through again. I long been planning to visit and surprise her this weekend. She lives way up north but I am still undecided right now. If that won't push through, I'll just stick to my usual weekend schedule, clean the house, do household chores and mall time in the afternoon. I am planning also to buy a Bedroom Furniture from my online income. My children will surely be surprised with this. I told them I'll buy something for them but I didn't tell exactly what furniture is it. I can choose whatever we want as I am no longer scared of heavy flood that caused our furniture last year drowned into flood. Wooden furniture is in my top list. Aside from classic and elegant look that it will create for our room, it also will keep our bedroom stuff more organized. I already have what's in my mind what to buy, something that will match with the color of our flooring.

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