Saturday, July 31, 2010

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After few days of blog hiatus, I am finally back to my blogging routine. Err, not really hiatus as I do filler post from time to time and some paid reviews too that needs to be posted in soonest possible time. Now, I am back to my bidding activities and I hope to get more opportunities this time. I can't wait to do a review again. Hopefully before the end of the year or just before my blog anniversary, I'll be able to reach my goal to write a review for a certain number of site.

Paid reviews


  1. Glad you're back sis hehehe.. Ako nga din medyo invisible kaya nawala PR ko sa main site wahhhhh.. Im glad you checked out LFB kasi nakalimutan ko na talaga yun then last week naalala ko bigla, so I bid bid bid hahaha.. In three days nalikom ko yung second payment ko so I was happy kahit konti at least meron..

    Kadarating lang namin from lakwatsa..

  2. @rose, saw your update nga from LFB, kaya ayun, nakipa-bidding din ako..haha

  3. Thanks for the good news Nuts. I will follow and try to register too.

  4. still don't understand how to make money out of blogging. :D


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