Monday, July 12, 2010

MYM: Summer at Laiya

Summer was a blast for all of us as it shows by the color of my younger daughter's skin how it turned not tan but overly sunkissed skin. She had a total bonding time with her cousins. I only share it today since my camera was broke a month ago. I was able to recover these photos using another camera.

Snap shot! I saw my nieces walking in smooth sand and captured right away as my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday.

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My Mellow Yellow Monday.


  1. Yay love those smiles and the yellow dress.

    Streak of yellow

  2. tan na tan nga...ehehehe! ternong terno naman tong mga nieces mo te....:)

    btw, salamat po pla for joining...hope ikaw ang manalo next time.....:)

  3. Your daughter and nieces are cute, great photos! Happy MYM!

  4. they're adorable - and great dress!

  5. You have a beautiful family! Thank you for visiting my blog and following! I'm following you back.

  6. Nice yellow dress and such lovely ladies! happy Monday.


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