Tuesday, July 20, 2010

keep me fit

I'm taking seriously on drinking Fit n Right to include in my diet. Let's see if my metabolism works faster this time. It say's that I can lose body fats in six weeks with three servings a day along with proper diet and exercise. Sure, it needs a lot of discipline to achieve the body we've always wanted.

I honestly love the taste, it is so refreshing!

Took this from our fridge for my Ruby Tuesday. I usually put this in freezer for at least an hour, best served chilled.

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  1. Don't forget to exercise to get fit hehehe.

    Rubies on planes

  2. Mas gusto ko yang badge mo sa RT sis hehehe.. O sya sige na nga yan na inumin para sumekse hehehe..

  3. Those are actually really good

  4. hello sis! wow nice yan.. hope ako papayat with fit and right.. hehehe

  5. waaaaaaa. talking about losing weight too.. magsimula na ako i needed it.. hay naku kahirap!

  6. ayay! beauty conscious si mader....:)been longing to lose my fats...kaso until now bitbit ko parin tong bilbil ko....lol!

    good luck te...nice RT entry...ala na akong time sumali...super duper busy kasi ako eh...sensya na po at ngayon lang napadaan....:)


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