Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nostalgia # 17 i wanna be a billionaire

I considered one unforgettable moment to have worked abroad, aside from having the best employer, it also gave me the opportunity to see well known people in the world. Blessings keep pouring when shared and I believe so because they are not only rich, but very kind too. So I wanna be a billionaire and share my blessings too. lol. The family included in Forbes richest billionaire, ranked as world's top 50 richest.

an event to remember..
did you know that
we had to move countless number of balloons one by one after each celebration.
and so I always grabbed the chance to whisper a wish for every balloon that I flew to the air.

Gold! Oh Gold! And we had to make some inventory after each of the event to check that no spoon or fork is missing. I don't know how much it costs for a piece. I forgot but as far as I remember, I was astounded when one of the staff told us about thousands of dollars cost for each of the utensils. Weee.. I wanna be a billionaire, so freakin bad!

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  1. wow, ang mahal naman nung utensils! ang saya pala if you work for a billionaire. i can't imagine how that feels. pero good experience nga naman if they're kind to you. :)

    ganda ng party setting ha. and ang ganda mo rin sa pic! :)

  2. Tama si Reena mas makinang ka pa sa gold sa kaganadahan sistah hehehe.. Ako tama na tong buhay, feeling bilionaire na din ako in a sense kasi may dalawa akong makulit heheheh..

    Lovely pic sis. Keep those old experience and pictures coming sis.

  3. Wow grabe ang yaman! Good thing that even if they are one of world's richest, they are kind and good to their staffs.

    My Nostalgia post is now up HERE. Happy mid-week!

  4. Wow!you're so lucky to have experienced working with billionaires--pahawak ng gintong kutsara!!\(^0^)/
    Ang ganda-ganda mo sa pic ^_^

  5. cool naman ng experience mo sis...db pwd mag uwi khit un kutsarita lang, hehe

  6. wow sis, kahit papano nakahawak ng gold na kutsara... hahaha... rubbing elbows with the richness... wow.. nice experience talaga ...

    Posted mine at Petty Things In Life

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  7. ay uu nga mas kumikinang pa ang kagandahan mo sis! hehehe... wow sobrang unforgettable mo nga itong memories.. how we wish we could be a billionaire too! so frikin bad... hehehe!

  8. wooow..i so envy your job. it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity..=) you're blessed to have this job because you deserve it..=)

  9. That was great opportunity for you nuts to be with one of the riches people. Pag naging bilyonaryo ka hire me to be your yaya ha

  10. ay ang sosyal, nakakasalamuha mo ang rich and famous? Forbes top 50 richest people, wow naman. Nostalgic nga yan, hehehe.

  11. wow gold utensils... iba talaga ang billionnaire...

    i don't want to be a billionnaire... i wanna be a millionnaire lang hehehe

    great photos of you and great experience too!

  12. Oh wow, what a great experience it was for you sis. I've never met a billionare. Millionare lang. Waaa! Pero the man is so humble that he just wear slippers everywhere. My gosh, gold utensils? How I wish I could touch those too. waaa!

  13. waaaaa....bongga naman tong entry mo te....bigatin...ehehhehe! ako din gusto millionaire lang...nyahahhaa...joke!

    super bata mo pa dito sa pic...san kaba nag work dati? hehehe...thanks for sharing te...:)


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