Friday, September 24, 2010

Dirt Bike

Riding a motorcycle is one great experience in my life that I will never forget and it was incredible. I always thought that riding a motorbike is dangerous but not until my first ride. It only makes dangerous when you don't put safety helmet or any protective gear. My first ride was a joyride. It was fun! I just enjoyed the ride and made myself ease at once. It was definitely not the last because that experience just changed my views about motorbike. Riding on a motorbike is far from other sports that calls for adrenalin rush. Sister used a big bike to transport in going-in and out of town. It sure helps her a lot. I wonder if this is just as easy as dirt bike racing. This sports is not for everyone. If you are into this sports, you should check the website for dirt bike gear. This is extraordinary and people looking for something beyond riding should take a look into this sports. It's a stress reliever for them, but for me, it's putting your life at risk.

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  1. i have a biker friend who considers biking not just a hobby but a way of life, lol!


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