Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Short Breaks

I never knew that stress can be beneficial too and that is when the cause of stress is just a petty thing. It helps you focused more, becomes alert at times and your body gets energized. But when stress causing problems are too big, that's when you need to take short breaks with your family. School, social and financial are some of the reasons that cause us a headache sometimes. I guess all of us need vacation. Last month was the toughest for me. I get to absorbed the stress in my older daughter. At her age, she already had faced social stress at school. But with my guidance, it sure helped her cope up the problem. Being a mother is a tough job. Thanks that I have this blog to write about my rants and ramblings everyday. But I still need a break. I want it now!

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  1. ganyan talaga ang buhay sistah!!!ka stressed lagi..


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