Thursday, September 2, 2010

RFID Blocking Wallet

I often leave the house without my wallet including my cards, debit and credit card. I have debit card but seldom use it. When I go to the mall, I only bring small amount of money or just enough for what I think I only needed for shopping. Call me paranoid but because of the theft lurking around the city, I chose not to bring outside the house for the fear that they might get the information in my card without me knowing it. I would only use it once I have rfid blocking wallet. With this, I will have the feeling of security that no one will have access about the information inside my bag or wallet. No theft will have his job accomplished for the day. Everyone must be vigilant these days. Imagine the headache it will give you when an identity theft took the information in your debit or credit card. How distressful it could be and I just can't bear it!

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