Friday, September 17, 2010

I Need Ink

Okay, finally my two nieces started to design the invitation cards. I'll show you the photos of them later when they finish the product. They are planning to invite at least 70 guests for the birthday. They just started the layout and edited the design and I guess it will take few hours or overnight to get it done. They completed the list of eighteen candles and eighteen roses. Oh my! It seems like they're going to invite the whole community for that grand event and if they print all of those, it will consume much of the ink. Now if I buy cheap ink cartridges and just have it refilled in the store when emptied, then I would be able to save money from printing. Oh well, it is even better, it costs less and gives sense of accomplishment for the effort they exerted. Also, it helps them enhance the creativity inside them and besides printing time would not take them three days of waiting but just count few hours from now and it's done!

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