Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Joining Pep Squad?

Daughter has been bugging me to let her join the Pep Squad next year. She reminded me again how she wanted to be part of the club to cheer for tomorrow. She and her classmates will watch the game as support to their school basketball team. She really wanted to join the Pep Squad. My guess is that she only wants to wear a mini balloon skirt. On the other side, joining the team will help her develop her personality. If you take a look at her pic, you would think she is on her adolescence period, but she's not. She's still a kid. I just wonder now why acne starts to develop on her face. If it develops severely, I have no choice but use acne treatments that will suit her age and will not really harm her skin. When I was her age, I didn't remember having such problem with my face.


  1. Daming datungers ng sisterette ko ah hehehe. Oo nga naman mommy Nors, let her try it, it will be a good experience for her. Natural lang sguro yung acne sa nagdadalaga.

    Nga pala, I sent it today, hope you get it. I had bad experiences kasi on sending a package in the Phils, wala atang ethics mga taga post office dyan sa tin eh lalo na pag december sis, naku nagkakawalaan mga packages haiiizzt..


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