Monday, September 13, 2010

unbearable pain

I don't feel good today but I managed to do my usual duty at home. I woke up this morning with sharp cramped leg and later on experienced a hard breathing. I wonder now about my health condition or shall I see a doctor for a complete diagnosis? I worried much why I had to feel this when I only got nothing but follow healthy lifestyle. Or was it because I involved myself into a very strenuous tons of laundry yesterday. Oh, I don't think so. Anyways, I must be thankful that I only had this minor issue on my health condition. Now I wonder how it felt like to be a cancer survivor. I am not sure about the exact feeling but when my mother was having her therapy for kidney failure, she underwent different surgery and took medication. The pain was unbearable, I knew it even without my mother saying how it was like. I just wished that I had given her Suboxone Withdrawal Treatment when her therapy was done so she could not have suffered much from that pain. She had medication for a couple of months and the pain was horrible.

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