Monday, September 9, 2013

The Voice Live Show (September 8,2013)

Last night's  "The Voice Live Show"  was stressful for me. It should be the other way around,  while watching my favorite show on TV.    I felt so anxious waiting for the final  votes of  the contestants.  I wasn't able to update because my little daughter occupied  the desktop and I couldn't do mobile blogging and update because my connection was kind of slow.  I just focused myself on TV.

Even before  Daryll  went up on stage,  I already got a hint  to where  the votes of the public would go.    I would agree with the audience. He did well last night and  he  got the right choice of song in that  round.

Let me quote here a  message from a friend @joy..  "Voice-wise mas magaling si Mitoy kaya lang yung puso ng kanta pasok don ke Darryl."
And later she messaged me.. "ready kana ba ma out si Mitoy."  and I replied,   No! Tinodo ko ang boto ko." 

And my friend's opinion  was just one of  the many viewers  who  thought  of the same thing.  The song  is  really  napapanahon.  And if you are an emotional voter,  you'd probably vote for Darryl.  On my  part,  and I think this is what his coach probably wanted to say,  yes,  he did well, but not competitive enough to move to the next round.

Daryll was so relaxed and  sang "Balita"  which is  perfect for the quality of  his  voice  plus  the song  goes well  with the  current  issue.   I  had a goose bump  myself  too and if you love our county, definitely you'd be hit with the  message.  Go to You Tube and watch Daryll Shy's performance "Balita"  and feel it.   Apl was in awe, as  caught in the camera, especially on the part   "Duul mga kaigsuunan ugpami naw kamo Duna koy dala nga mga balita gikan sa banwa ko Gusto ko nga ipahibalo ang mga istorya Na naga gahitabo sa banwa gisaad na to"    Do you know the translation?    but as the song goes..  Mga kaibigan.. eto ang balita ngayon sa Pilipinas. .. Let me end  the issue here  as  it will only lead  me to  another topic. 

I  voted  for Mitoy and supported him all the way because I know that he  has  a lot more talent  to unleash in the next round.  He just showed his versatility even on Tagalog songs in that round.

Dear Mitoy,  

Please  rock the Resorts World  again next time.  Pick a song that fits you  like  Skid Row's  "I Remember You " or Aerosmith's "I don't wanna miss a thing, or any of Air Supply's hits."   What about  "Help?"     You  surely will hit  the high notes of the songs above but  do it in a more relaxing and classical  rendition.   And  yes.. with   your  powerful  guitar.   Please rock the Resorts World!   BTW,  I  like your  version of "Anak"  in You Tube.    Go and make history in your next live performance!

To all the bitter voters, please respect the decision and move on.

So here's the recap of last night's performance. 

Team Sarah 

Morisette Amon “What About Love” Hearts 
Maki Ricafort “Every Breath You Take” The Police

Team Bamboo 

Paolo Onesa “Skyfall” Adele 
Lee Grane “Losing My Religion” R.E.M.

Team Lea 

Mitoy Yonting “Paano” Dulce 
Daryll Shy "Balita"

Team Apl 

Thor Dulay “Lately” Stevie Wonder 
Penelope Matanguihan “Superstar” Carpenters


And the final results who will move on to the next round.

Morissette Amon  (110.41 pts)
Mitoy Yonting  (104.11 pts)
Paolo Onesa  (141.24 pts)
Thor Dulay   (119.72 pts)

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