Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One Look-up Weekend at Island Cove

It's  not  always  the  place  sometimes  but  its the   people  you  spend  with,  however,  when the place is also good,  then that's another wonderful story.  It  is an  icing on the cake that makes the vacation  worth remembering.

It  was another   long weekend  for us (2nd week of August),   Thursday as  St. Dominic Feast  Day  and   Friday  as the  last day of Edil Fitr.   A vacation  that  fits for the season,  knowing August means unpredictable rain,  it would be  a  quick getaway  near Manila.  

Situated  just  south  of  Metro Manila  is a 36-hectare leisure park,  Island Cove.    With all its facilities,  Oceania Water Park, Animal Island, the Bayside Live Music & KTV,  the Adventure Zone, the Fishing Village and the Island Spa, nobody  will  have a dull moment during their stay.  Other  attractions are   outdoor  Giant Chess,  the Play Ground and Concert Ground and more.  Getting to Island Cove  only  takes about  30 mins  via  Cavitex. Of course, it depends where in Manila and the situation of   traffic  you'd be coming from.  

This is the room where we stayed before we messed up.  The after photo is not really  appealing  so  I am leaving    the actual  condition of  the  room  to  your imagination   when we left,   it looked like it just survived   from  the storm Maring.  Half  kidding.

From one of the paintings on the wall, this caught me by surprise.  Before you even ask me if it's mine, I would  answer you  "no." This is  not  my  painting.   I  could  draw, yes but only on a kindergarten  level.  The signature just looks like mine.   Joy actually saw this in  their first visit but she  forgot to take a picture so I did.

At iCafe.  Because we have no  pocket wifi,   we went to iCafe to connect to online world.  Awts.  They have strong  wifi   and even stronger wifi  at the pool side.   I don't have serious business, I just need some lives.  No kidding.

I rarely do this but since I  comfortably  posed like a tourist, then  I should include this  even  if it's not  really  related to my post.  Teehee.

Tram.  In a 36-hectare leisure park, a tram is a vehicle that  transport  the guests  of  Island Cove  from one place  to another.   Oh, the photo below  is not  the tram. We were at the station waiting for the tram but the electric tram  is not available at that time and still  needed time to fully charge. .

Fishing Village,  the  first place that we explored.

I hope you guys enjoyed the meal?!   I disclose the real  story  behind those smiles and laughters of  Mendiola couple.  "Okay, the food is great!  That's it." Haha.

Duirng high tide, the water can go up to 15 feet  and could even reach  the  floorings and on low tide it can go only  up to 5 feet  deep.  

We went to Animal Island but did not explore much of   the place. The kids just enjoyed the swing for a while and headed back the room.

Along the way we saw Makahiya leaves.  They were fascinated with the leaves and thought the leaves  have its own  life. Buti pa makahiya they are not thick face and easily hide themselves when touched. 

Swimming.  Borje Familly came later that night  coming from a family reunion in Cavite so I only have a few photo with them.  Nevertheless, they never wasted a time and enjoyed the cool water while us,  moms,   multi tasked and watched over them while doing our business online.

This is what I love waking up the next morning with a cup of coffee in a  different view,   far from my usual sight   at  home.    No matter where you are,  you should enjoy every morning giving enough caffeine in your body to start the day.   Now can you imagine, how lovely this sight is.  So calming.  And we're just a few kilometers away from Manila.

When sun finally went up,  we proceeded to  giant slides where the kids  enjoyed  the pool a lot.  This is not the best  pool for me because the  area is too big and couldn't see all the children in one look. They have enough personnel at the pool including the lifeguards who are very  attentive and alert.  I could hear the whistle from time to time whenever they see children not obeying the rules at the resort.   At least I know  the staff are doing their job well..

Us!  I was wearing a black shirt  from bloggershirt.com. I have other personalized shirts with caption "PR3 ang Blog ko."  Sad to say,  I lost my site's PR3. :(  Thought I couldn't wear it unless I gain back my rank.  

Now this is the Tram.

Before we headed back to Manila we  stopped by at fishing Village again.  We were fascinated with a man holding a giant guitar and asked for photo ops, along then interviewed what those were.   They gave us  a  short song number of their own rendtion of :"Just give me a reason." though my ears were already  fed up hearing  the song over and over again,  I love their rendition and gave them the big applause that  they deserve.

And that was another wonderful weekend with family and  friends.  I want to conclude this post with a look-up shot inspired by Raiza Mae, and that's where I got my post title.  Haha.

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