Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back-up your website!

How many times have you read in the news about sites that are hacked. Or status asking for help because site is infected with malicious script something like "sexual enhancers, viagra and the likes.

And you fret. And you panic.

You are not alone. My site has been hacked too.

But I don't panic. Read on to the end of this post.

When your site is suspected to have malicious threat, go to Sucuri and check the status of your site. Even after scanning, Sucuri will help you clean your site. You just need to follow the procedure how to remove malware. Now the easiest way is to delete the old installation and make a new ones. But when your theme is already injected with malware, get a new trusted theme and change it at once. Also, delete the pages where possible scripts are hidden.

My was hacked and was injected with malicious script and malware. See the script at the header and there were more injected all over my template and pages. Every time  I share my post in Social Media, the preview shows different content like that of below.  Disgusting!   It sucks that no one dare to click and thought I was just spamming.

I went through a different process before its gets the Current status: now VERIFIED CLEAN!  It was easy but..

I am not sitting so relaxed now because there could be other scripts that are good in hiding and could explode again anytime.


I am still checking out how to get back my old theme clean with no threats. I did not hire and pay my web designer only to keep my old theme in one corner as a back up. Now, it will take a whole lot of learning how to edit my template and get back my old theme.

When your site is compromise, don't delay the problem rather.. solve it quickly. If your site is already blacklisted because of Malware, you can request reconsideration using Webmaster Tool once you're done cleaning. Would you still wait till you get to this point? Clean your site before even other users got infected too and put your blog to Google blacklisted sites.

Here are some tips to secure your Wordpress site.

Change your password. Strong Password!

Make sure that only secured plug ins are installed and updated!

Update new version of WP.

Remember to always back up your file. That's my number 1 rule. And yes, it saves my panic attack to take over me.

And the positive result here is that you'd learn a lot in tweaking, fine tuning and experimenting your blog.

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