Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse  is the second tallest lighthouse  in the Philippines   with height of  101ft (30.8m)  and  351  feet above sea level  built by American, Filipino and Bristish engineers in 1905   located on top of the  hill of  Punta Piedra Point, Barangay Patar,  Bolinao.   The lighthouse aids  the vessels passing by the area and  overlooks  the South China Sea.     

All ours,  there was no one in sight.

With this empty road, so serene and so quiet,  you  wouldn't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to just get down the car and  walk the path leading to the lighthouse.

beautiful lighthouse up close..

We did not bother to ask permission  to climb up the lighthouse as we already knew  beforehand  that the place is restricted and no one is allowed to go inside.   The movie,  "The Promise"   was shot at  the lighthouse   where Angel  Locsin and Richard Gutierrez were the lead stars.

The  lighthouse of  Bolinao was   listed  only  as  our  side trip  on our way  to white beach and caves of  Bolinao  but   we realized  that it should be on the top list of  must-visit place  when  in  Bolinao.      Even if there isn't  much to do at  the lighthouse,  the beautiful  sceneries  from the viewing deck  is more than worth it to stop by.   With this spectacular sight,  this lighthouse is perfect for   prenup photo shoot and  location for movies.

just beside the lighthouse, you will see these beautiful fresh flowers,  siniguelas trees at the back..

and ruins..

I hope to get more information on the tale of this abandoned house.  When I searched online  about  the house beside Cape Bolinao,  I found this house   in good condition and the photo was taken in 2008.   I wonder  why  it was not  maintained and now  slowly deteriorating.

Do you ever wonder now  why many people fall in love with the lighthouse?

"There are no words to express the feelings that induce a sailor to offer fervent prayers when he sees this mark of sympathy expressed by his fellow men. Suddenly he sees that he is no longer alone in the midst of the ocean waves; he sees that people are caring for him with paternal solicitude."
-Lt. Lavrentiy Alekseyevich Zagoskin, on sighting the light house at Sitka, Alaska, in 1839 -Lt. Lav

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  1. lighthouses sure give that nostalgic feeling that one can't comprehend. we should do the cape bojeador next time in ilocos.


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