Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bolinao Rock Formations

Rock formations,  a haven for landscape photography.

The sun down would be the best time to feel its majestic sight  but  those minutes when the sun is heading the horizon  weren't ours.    The sun was at its peak  when we reached  the place.  We  have other   sights  to  visit and  we're due to go back to Manila  on  the same day thus,  a quick glimpse is all we need.   Two more falls  were waiting  and  we need to go back to resort  to pack  our things before heading to next destination.


The fine white sand greeted  us but we came here for rock formations and not the sand.  Definitely  it has own magnetic charm  with young coconut palm trees,  not grown up but an added  attraction,  but we have enough  of   these  in  Hundred Islands  and Patar Beach.


And  this  main  view  startled  our  wandering thoughts.  This view of rock formations.    My imagination worked again with no limits  how  Bolinao looked like million years ago.  Picture this  in your mind.   A  view of  coral stones  underwater  with abundant fishes swimming and nesting  in  these  corals.

I was already tanned but my camera setting  was  in opposite color and the results were these bright photos.  The sun directly  hit my  body and  face and I couldn't stand  the hot temperature anymore. 

A  little bit to perfection  if only  with  sunset view  but I couldn't  wait  for  that majestic  time,  when the wind  creates  wave to crash the rocks and the sun goes down  the western horizon.   I wanted to stay a bit longer   and feel  the highlights  too.. fall in love again and be hurt to leave this place of  wonderful  sight.

Just natural. The blue corner over there looks likes  a man made pool.

I walked farther to investigate the seabed and found a few seaweeds that were abundant.  There were  some deep  holes in in some parts so I was  very careful in every step I  made.  Even very quick,  I did not let the chance pass  without stepping my feet,   with  the sun's zenith angle..  I touched,  felt and explored  a  place  believed to be the  seabed   during  ancient  times.


  1. nice this reminds me of the Indio siguro dito ni-shoot ung scene na yun dun sa top nung cliff. ganda.

  2. Nice clicks! I hope I could go there soon.

  3. Magnificent rock formations indeed! Lovely! I'll show your pictures to hubby to entice him to take us there soon!


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