Monday, June 10, 2013

Bolinao - Patar White Beach

If  you look at  the  map,  you will see Bolinao at  northwestern tip of   Pangasinan  province.  Now,   imagine the shape  and  the seaside resorts as it is  geographically blessed  having  long  coastline.

We  arrived Bolinao when the day was already starting to get dark.  There were some lamp posts  but only to some areas  so we did not totally  witness  its beauty  along  the trip.  Our tummies were already screaming for food  when    we saw a sign pointing to Seafood Grill and  Restaurant.    After our sumptuous meal, around 9pm,  we  headed to Bing's Resort upon recommendation of  the owner of the restaurant...  and  through Joy's PR ability  to look  for  hotel reservation in an instant.

It  was already late when we reached the resort.  Because it was dark,   I could only hear the waves and smell the ocean breeze.  I couldn't  see the view  of the beach, only the shoreline  but I knew that it's just a few steps away from the room where we stayed in.    I  could   only  picture  in my  mind  the  waves  as they  rushed  down   the  shore.

First morning at Bolinao was a revelation.  Behold Bolinao!   Waking up to this view was such a bliss.   My heart  screamed  and I thanked  God  for this  wonderful creation.


At  around 8am,  we started our trip  with  Patar  White Beach  as  our  first destination.  "Welcome to Patar White Beach." 

Can someone  fix the banner please?

You wouldn't feel its sand and clear water unless you actually dip yourself at the beach.   Joy's  husband, John,   described Patar as  the most  beautiful  beach in  Pangasinan and he was right  as he defined it.

Patar White Beach

 Don't  you wish you were  here too?

Now, this is  sparkling  water, not really white  but the best  to describe is..  clear.   The photo is not enhanced or filtered,  but uploaded  straight  from my camera.
Patar White Beach is a public beach and no entrance fee is collected except for parking space of  P30.00.  This is one of  the best things in life and is free?  Now, I agree.   It is amazing  to think how  people of  Bolinao maintain the beauty of  the beach.    It is not only at Patar but  the whole coastline of  Bolinao  as I've  witnessed  that day.

Appreciating the powdery sand.   Just perfect to just stay or spend a lazy day here with  smooth and fine  sand.  There   are cottages lined along the shore available  for rent.  

There are some stalls  inside the beach  where you can buy  souvenir  items  like  kakanin  and other  variety of goods   for sale.  I bought  a board shorts  for my older daughter which now becomes her alternate swim wear  to  pair  with. her rash guard. 
 When you're in Bolinao,  don't forget to taste its unique kakanin,  Binungey -  malagkit  (sticky rice) cooked with coconut milk inside bamboo tube.

In my province,  Batangas,  malagkit  is cooked wrapped in banana leaves.  In Bolinao, malagkit is called Binungey,  cooked inside young bamboo tube  that makes it more fragrant.  It costs P100 for 3 pieces.  When  we got home, the children feasted  with the kakanin.  Instead of  tablea cacao drink,  they  paired it with instant  Milo drink.       You have to use spoon to get the sticky rice out of bamboo or cut the bamboo tube to taste the delicacy.

Patar White Beach is located at Barangay Patar, Bolinao,  just a few meters away from Cape Bolinao Lighthouse.

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