Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I need a life!

Because somebody needs life  and I know how much it  would mean  to them, I gave in.  I  lied when I said I won't  play around.   I want to enter  their world,  those who engaged themselves much  to this saga  so to understand how it felt like  living  in  wonderful, tasty  and sweet life.  And  there I tried until I fell  into trap that  is  candy crush.  Ooh,  you are just too sweet for my bites!

I need your help.

Please give me a life..

I mean more lives!



  1. now you know how I feel...logging out for some candy crushing...

  2. I don't know. i have no idea kasi di pa ko makaalis sa episode ko, i'd know once I reach your level. lol


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