Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Domain Name

I am happy that in recent page rank update, this domain blog got PR3 already. I am glad with the result of the PR before even celebrating its one year anniversary. I purchased my domain blog last year, February 8, and just renewed my registration last week. With new page rank result, I was inspired to purchase a new domain but I haven't finalized yet the details. I am still thinking right now and haven't decided yet on what domain name to purchase. I don't want to immediately place my order and then later regret when I want to change into another name. I exported all my food post into a new food blog but I am still thinking on the title that will go with the domain name whether a .net, .com, .info and more. When I'm done finalizing the layout, I will check the domain name availability and will place the order immediately. If you are planning to buy a domain, please check it out now. You can instantly check the domain and then purchase before somebody else take it away.

I'll post my update later. I am just as excited and want to seriously update my blog once the domain officially take effect into my food blog. Just like what other bloggers do for their baby blog, I will establish first my blog links, join a weekly food meme and post worthy entries to read.


  1. congratz.

    i love this post. learned quite a few things. i'll be reminded:)

    -IMRIZ here

  2. Congratulations sis, you deserve it. I am contented with mine too. Mwahness!

  3. congrats te...buti pa kau may mga PRs blog nyo...ako d ako kontento sakin kasi alang mga pRs blog!

    salamat po sa dalaw..mwahness...:)

  4. hi momsie (a.k.a Ms. LT hehe).. looking forward on your food blog.. medyo sinisipag na ko magbloghop ngayon.. miss u

  5. when will i have PR ba???? huhuhu :((


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