Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pet Care

How do you treat your pet? We love our pet just like a member of the family. My younger daughter spoils our dog with toys and gives him a hug everyday. Two weeks ago, we visited the vet clinic for his grooming and nail clippings. Although I bought a nail clipper, I find it hard trimming his nails because he is too aggressive and seems like he tends to bite whenever I touch his nails. Pets become irritated when they have ingrown nails so a regular visit at the clinic is a must. The vet advised me that pets need to be pampered with toys too. I am now checking PetCareRx Reviews for other supplies and I'll see if I can find affordable toys online. I am also looking for a new dog house. The one existing is starting to rust and I am thinking if I could repaint it instead. I want a stainless steel dog house but I'll check first if I can afford and stretch my budget for the month.


  1. I really like your dog te...so huggable....:) pretty well said...:)

    maraming salamat po talaga sa card te ha...so sweet of you....mwah!

  2. hello there!
    :-( not a post about pets! I just lost mine last week. tears :-(

  3. Hay naku ako pag gumagalaw si champ pinapagalitan ko at ang mahal ng grooming dito kaya tyaga ako in cutting his nails lol..


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