Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flamingo Blinds

I took this picture a moment ago while we were having our snack in our living room. I always wanted a sleek and colorful blinds and until now I have yet to buy one for our window. I want a flamingo venetian blinds, a modern and sleek type that will compliment the color of the wall in our living room.

During weekend, I always bring down the curtains and collect all the dirty laundry like beddings and comforter as part of my general cleaning in the house. If only I had these blinds, then it would not add anymore to my tones of laundry and will not be doing this over and over again every weekend. You all know that my washing machine has not been working for more than two weeks now and this just adds to my very tiring household chores. Sigh.


  1. nice curtains te...I like the color....:) mahal ang blinds dito kaya kurtina nalang gamit ko...ehehehe!

  2. i love this curtain of yours nora! this is your curtain when we visited you d b?


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