Saturday, January 8, 2011

terribly missing..

If you used to be drinking soda in your everyday meal, would it be easy for you to withdraw soda in your life? Of course not! It has been a week already since I refrained myself from this soft drinks. I only drink warm water because of my sore throat and cough and it's getting worst everyday. I felt this itchiness in my throat since new year's eve. I've been taking carbocisteine since Thursday. I haven't taken any medicine yet for my throat other than this. It somehow helped. I saw in the news that firecrackers during new year's eve had caused more people to have sore and itchy throat.

When daughter was having her snack this afternoon, I can't help but be tempted with her iced cold softdrinks and poured my glass too with half full of warm water. :( It didn't taste good but somehow, as a soda addict, it eased a little feelings inside me for at least taste a little bit of aaahhh in it.

So this is my soda err, pale soda. See, I find my own way for my will. I only wish I get over with soft drinks and it continues even if my throat gets well. But that's impossible, it makes me miss cold coca cola even more. I just can't imagine my life without this. It just adds life to my meal. Aaaah coca cola!


  1. hahahaha! Adik!!! I love softdrinks din pero not daily and not with my meal at home kasi may kids...lam mo na hahahah role model kuno! but some times bumibili ako sa meryenda :D

    I LOVE Cola pero COKE lang :D

  2. Aaahhh! Hehehe! Adik ka pala sa coke mommy Wowa! Never me naman but nang nandito ako, I learned and having an ice with it and you know what? It made my tummy bulge.. waaa! But never mind, ang sarap eh! O dba? Dami tayong adik.. hehe.. aaahhh.. heheh.. sarap! Sarap din nang chicharon mommy Wowa o.. naku alam mo, pag asawa ko ay mahilig to nang pagkain for sure ang laki2x ko na ngayon.. waaa.. thanks goodness hindi, wahahaha! Miz yah mommy Wowa.. I hope you'll get well soon. muahhh!

  3. @jes, kelangan ko na nga bawasan, ang hirap lang kumain lalo na pasta or chicken without coke diba hehe.

    @cacai, yun nga eh, pansin ko, bumaba agad weight ko LOL. btw, yung chicharon, leftover lang yan sa niluto kong monggo. LOL, baka kasi di na siya crispy later..ubusin ko na lang, yun, masakit now throat ko lalo, di nakatulog maayos kagabi. :(

    @mayet, not easy indeed!

  4. hehhehe...coke adik eh....parehas tau nang table mat!


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