Saturday, January 15, 2011

Detox Day

Forgive me but it was a sinful day. I just ate a calorie loaded meal yesterday. I just can't resist food. It seems like a monster in me pushed me to eat and I was just a human to give in to my cravings. Friday is not supposed to be a steal day for me but it is Saturday where I can eat anything I want. We ordered Pakbet and Lechon Kawali. (good for three to four person) Did I say it was me and Jes alone at the restaurant for a lunch date? And how could my salivating mouth and growling tummy say no to these food. Pinakbet is a vegetable loaded recipe but it was also filled with meat and salted shrimps. It was a food trip and we ended up eating like there's no tomorrow. Now I have to look for a colon cleanse that works and I will go back to my healthy diet. Arrrgh again. So today is not a steal day anymore but a detox day to take away all the calories I've acquired yesterday.


  1. wahh..talagang sinful na ang kumakain ng high calorie foods? dapat ganyan din ako para makapagskinny jeans na rin hehe

  2. pag may cheat/steal day, kelangan talaga may detox day. if we can only eat whatever we want without getting fat or getting sick.

    followed you back, sis. :)

  3. can't help but imagine those food on the table:)sarap!!


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