Saturday, January 8, 2011

Long Travel

My sister texted me this morning. She and her family will be going out to our home province later this afternoon. Sister is working 6day workweek but only works half day on Saturday depending on the demands of her job. I told her not to go home late for they have two kids and the weather nature is unpredictable today. If they have long travel kits, then it would be easy for them. I swear, I need one too. I long been wanting to drive but I have no car. I took a driving lesson and know a little about it in preparation for my supposed job that needed some serious driving skills. Anyways, husband asked me to refresh my skill so it would be easy for me to get a license in driving when we get there. Anyways, it is not in my priority list this time besides it is always easier to refresh if you have your own car.

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