Monday, January 24, 2011

Chambray Tiles

The first door of the apartment adjacent to us has been completely renovated. Two weeks ago, the owner decided to start the renovation of the next door. The whole construction last year did not meet the set time frame and I wonder how long will it last this time, maybe another three long months or more. I am quite disturbed because of the noise from the construction area and and the dust gets inside the house whenever the construction materials like sand and gravel were being dumped in front of our house. I haven't notice yet the tiles but most probably it will be delivered in the last month or when the laying of the floor tiles start. If I am the owner of the house, I would choose a chambray with light grey color for the bathroom tiles. It just looks so appealing for me.


  1. oist! pati kapitbahay nyo tsi ni tsismis mo! LOL ;)) ahahahahah!!!

    nice one!

    I have something for you here -

  2. ay nakakainis kaya....sana matapos na!

    btw te, hope we can xlink...just send me all your blogs then will add them all on my blogs...I have other new 4 kasi...nyahahah...kakaloka!


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