Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ruby Tuesday: Poinsenttia

I went to Serendra last Friday for MUD Makeup Workshop. The said workshop focused on smokey eyes and some tips on how to put mascara using only a brush that looks like a real one. I am not really a make up enthusiast but that day was awesome. I also had the opportunity to meet the MUD lead make up artist based in New York, RaivaCruze.
At Serendra. I thought of taking a picture of these fabulous poinsettias that blooms even if it's not Christmas season.

My entry for Ruby Tuesday.
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  1. I like the way the poinsettias ring the water. It's a nice contrast. And makes me think of warmer weather which can't come soon enough! Happy RT.

  2. Oh so very pretty to have them surround the fountain!!!

    My Ruby Tuesday Link


    Hope you have a glorious day.

  3. wow! ang galing naman...ako din d mahilig sa make-up...hangang lipgloss lang ang level ko...eheheheh!

    ang ganda naman....parang gusto ko tuloy magnakaw nang isang pot..ehehehe!

  4. Avah may balak magpaganda ng magpaganda ang amiga ko ah hehehe... Di ako mahilig sa make up sis hehehe, kaya ako mukhang losyang lol..

  5. Ang ganda mommy Wowa.. indeed so cute! I have seen too a poinsettia here growing of not-yet a Christmas season. And speaking of X'mas season, my poinsettia in a wrapped can from the store which I bought before Christmas died already, just now. :( Anyway, thanks for sharing mommy Wowa! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

    Here's my Ruby Tuesday: ice cream scope & cars lights


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