Sunday, January 16, 2011

Appetite Suppressants

I woke up late today as my usual Sunday routine. And since I prepared a late lunch, my older daughter had a heavy brunch, at least four slices of thick wheat bread. She told me she would just skip lunch because of breakfast she just had. So I thought she's following her diet plan too. But after seeing that I cooked her favorite viand, she sat down on the table and said she was not really serious on her plan and was already feeling hungry. She craves just by smelling the food from the kitchen. I wish I can give her otc appetite suppressants right away. She just couldn't resist eating.

What I am worrying about today is how to balance the food and her daily activity. At her age, I need to monitor her daily meal since I am concerned a lot about what she eats for lunch while away from home. Junk food might keep her tummy full but it cannot sustain the minerals needed by her body. I should monitor her healthy diet too and it must be on the right process.

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