Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Modern City Home

I watched a late night show on TV last night and caught myself in awe when a local celebrity house was featured. It was stunning and the whole interior design took my breath away. The kitchen and bathroom was made of glass tile and it was gorgeous. I heard that the actress spent huge amount of money for the kitchen alone and wanted a more modern city home. She defined the kitchen as the heart of her home. I am no surprise anymore because she works hard for her dream house. I hope that she allows me to feature her life in my site and her house as well. The celebrity actress seems to be aloof and out of touch with the media and it is hard to get more info about her personal life. For now, I will content myself as a fan and follow her or maybe I'll send her a message about my intention.

1 comment:

  1. Hey! Happy New Year!
    Sino ba yung aloof actress na yun? But I know how u feel... Sometimes I too see them filthy celebs in the telly showcasing their cribs and I feel jealous..
    I know it's a sin but I cant help it =(


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