Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Flair Bartending Winner

Bar tending is one of the top events I have attended last year. And because I have attended a crash course in bar tending many years ago, flair tending was not really new to me. I grabbed the chance to be present at the said event to see more on bar tending. Fifteen finalists nationwide showcased their talents. Everybody's mood was festive that night as contenders from different schools showed their talent in bar tending. One finalist emerged from the rest and took home one of the customized plaques that night. He was given that award as a recognition for the perfect 10 performance aside from the cash prize that he received. He was also my bet from the start. The winner showed his talent confidently in front of the cheering crowd and performed passionately that captured the heart of the judges who where present at the event. I salute the company for helping these young students achieved their dream to become a flair tender.

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