Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Rider Sandals

Such a lucky day for for me to win a Rider GC during Mommy Bloggers Christmas Party last year. Before 2010 ended, my children and I went to Bambu Store, Trinoma branch and used the GC that I've won from the party.

I go for comfortable shoes and with Rider, it is not only comfortable but fashionable and with great quality too. My daughter loves to wear comfortable sandals and this one is just perfect for her weekend activities.

My eyes rolled like a yo-yo when I saw these sandals in the store. You could already tell how comfortable wearing such sandals even without trying them yet. And I was right, it suits well and so comfortable on my feet. I love all the styles and wish I could take all the colors available at the store.

Thanks to Elro Commercial and Industrial Corporation for the GC. We'll go back to Bambu store sometime this month as my daughter is requesting for another pair of sandals and also a Flip Flops. It's a one stop shop for summer slip ons. It seems like we'll buy our summer get up early this month.

Bambu store is available at Glorietta 4, Trinoma and Alabang Town Center.


  1. The pair you got is lovely and really looks comfy, too!

  2. ayay! nice....I like it te..very stylish! congratulations btw....:) sama ako next time...eehhehehe!

    happy new year po te!

  3. it does looks super soft and comfy,nuts!

  4. bagay na bagay sa dalaga mu yan...ganda, pati un color choice ang ganda.

    is elro also the distributor of ipanema? loved their flipflops way better than havs...

  5. Awww that is pretty sis, like ko yung pink hehehe

  6. ang cute buti ka pa nakunan mo ako d nakapag dala cam kasi dala ko 2 kids :)) pero i love the pair ive got!! so lucky tlaga we win this GC!!! :D


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