Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nostalgia 34: Old Photos

Saw these photos in my archive which I scanned last year when my daughter used this for scrapbook project in school.

My two lovelies! My older daughter wore a dress she received as Christmas gift many years ago, while my younger one wore a wig here. She wanted to have a blonde hair. I remember those times when she thought that her hair would grow this way by just wearing it all the time. LOL.

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  1. I am loving the wig hehehe.. Kikay talaga si bunso. Ate pahiram naman nyang dress mo hehehe.. On the process na ba kayo sis of migrating?

  2. Lovely, im sure na miss mong may baby sa bahay kasi lalaki na mga anak mo nuts.

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  3. hehehe! that's cute. My girls have opposite hair, Wrozlie has straight hair and AJ has curly, and they look so cute. Katuwa naman girl mo kapag sinuot ang blond na wig eh maging blond ang hair, mga bata talaga so gullible..

  4. awwwww....they're both cute....ehehhehe...bagay kay bunso ang wig te....:)

  5. ahahhaha,, they're both cute... love the wig.. should look for that kind.. kulot.. hahaha...

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  6. they look cute when they were younger, and prettier now in their teens/pre-teens...just like mami:)))


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