Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shed Off Extra Pounds

I actually weighed 130 pounds two months ago. From that day on, I stayed off from weighing myself and just relied on the amount of food that I eat every meal. More or less, my weight stayed the same or maybe I lost only a pound or two. I wonder how celebrities shed off their extra pounds quickly. You will see them today with extra large size body and slimmer the following day. Are they undergoing cosmetic surgery or just taking pills or over the counter appetite suppressants? Anyways, a billboard ad few weeks ago created a controversy in the showbiz industry. It's about the tweet that insulted an actress in her billboard although it was not directly named after her. I guess it will push the actress to get herself slimmer to prove the authenticity of the ad.

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  1. wow! good for you te...nako ako walang pag babago...ehehhe...masarap kasi!


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