Tuesday, February 22, 2011

School/Tuition Fee Increase

Daughter just told me last night that the school administrator issued a new memo about the tuition fee increase for the next school year. With the increasing prices of goods, the school cannot control anymore and will have to take necessary adjustment with the tuition and school fees to maintain a quality education through financial support. I have no idea yet on the percentage increase because she was already in her bed when she told me the news and was already in a half sleep mode. She forgot to give me that memo this morning but I am posting it here anyway just so my husband will know and will have an idea about the increase making it easier for him to plan the fees ahead. The cost of education increases every year.


I just read the memo and it says that parents are invited for Tuition Increase Consultation next week. There is no figure yet or percentage increase indicated in the memo.


  1. i am dreading to find out how much tuition fee will increase for my kids too!

  2. I cringe on the news of any tuition hikes considering the whole world is still in recession. We have to work double time now to ensure that our children will still get the best education there is.

    Here in Dubai, the tuition is like paying for a masteral degree for first year high school. Paano na kaya sa college ng anak ko?

    We can only pray that the money we pay for the tuition is well compensated by the schools by teaching our children properly. *sigh*

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    Ria C

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  3. ayay! no worries, kayang kaya mo yan te...ehehehe...magkano ba ang tuition ni ate?


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