Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Lunch

Daughter has been requesting Relyenong Bangus for our weekend menu. Saturday is supposed to be a steal day. I usually cook Spring Roll, Adobo and Sauteed Beans. Since I woke up so late today, I headed to the nearest restaurant and ordered Relyenong Bangus, not bad for a price of $4 for one piece. I am not really taking much effort with what we eat whether it is full of calories. What I am aiming now is to get rid of at least 5 pounds in a year. I want it gradual, because the more I abstain from eating yummy food, the more I crave and that resulted to instant pounds added to my weight. The best weight loss supplements are the most in demand these days. But for now, I would stick to my usual amount of food, less of fats, more veggies. The picture below is Relyenong Bangus with carrots and potatoes. Just perfect for our weekend diet.


  1. I will try that weight loss supplement. I gained much weight nowadays.

  2. meron paba te? pde pahingi nang 1 slice? hehehehe!


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