Thursday, February 24, 2011


If only I have kept all my magazines, I would have a tons of copies of them. I gave some of them to my sister while others were already sold for donation purposes. I love parenting and lifestyle magazines. I got this August 2010 back issue of Mod Magazine "The Big Money Issue." I find it very interesting to read aside from my favorite article from beauty, kitchen and fashion section.

Besides the fact that I can read magazines electronically, I still grab a copy of a MOD magazine because I find it more entertaining. When I'm away from any websites and when I'm in my bed, magazines are my company.


  1. I love mags too...and recipe mags as well...:)

  2. Tomo! Iba pa rin ang magazine. Personal tips mababasa mo. Natigil ang aking collection noong nagbreak up kami ng " the second" Hindi niya sinauli yung hiniram niya sa akin na mga mags. Kami dalawa silang Ex ko ngayon.


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