Monday, February 14, 2011

A Boat Ride

While we were at the park yesterday, there were walking advertisements saying "boat for hire and trek at Taal Volcano." I didn't pay much attention or even inquire about the rate because it's useless as I have this fear of water. It is not only the water that I'm scared of but also the heights but I still love adventures. We tried the cable car and not the zip line where it only takes few seconds to be at the other end. I screamed seeing ourselves 300 feet off the ground. I was not exaggerating but I really hold my breath for a while. I would love to try boating too but only in gondola canal or the norfolk broads complete with life vest and a prayer to guide us during the tour. I have been drowned twice in my life but I survived anyway. The next time we visit Tagaytay, I would invite friends for a boat ride. I hope by that time, if not completely, I have slowly conquered my fear of water.

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