Monday, February 21, 2011

Hunky Male Celebrity

I got a few magazines for my collections now. Some are availed free from my previous events while others came from my own subscription. I read a lot when I'm off from blogging. I have few men's magazine too and keep the copy of the controversial hunk actor that put him into limelight last year. He has my full respect anyway because I believe he has his own reason and that the people should not be judgmental to anybody else. I chose not to mention his name for he is now starting to build his life and just launched his own perfume business recently. Can you guess who is this celebrity? Anyways, I saw his poster in a mall the other day and thought about how he maintained his look at his age. He can still pose for a sexy men's magazine. I wonder if he takes enzyte too. Girls look at him very appealing besides the fact that he is still being linked to a prominent cosmetic surgeon. I would love to meet him personally and would name this actor when I already got a photo op with him.

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