Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Safety and Work Gloves

It gets me irritated sometimes because of the noise and dust coming from the road construction near to our house. It gives me so much headache and I can't focus much with my task. What only consoles me is the expected convenience it will give us as soon as the construction is done. The road has been impassable for almost a month now and I learned that it will take another three months to finish. I was bothered when I went outside as I noticed few construction men working without any safety outfit including work gloves. It isn't safe for them especially the one assigned in areas where they need to lift heavy hand tools and other materials for construction. They should wear gloves to protect their hands and to enhance their grip as well. I wonder if they have enough budget for safety outfit. Don't they know it is really a must to wear such? I hope that the person in charge will take a look at the safety of these men on the road.


  1. the reason why I moved out of Manila. Cant handle the dust and the noise. tumatanda na nga ako talaga.hahaha

  2. bumabaha ang mga opps dito...ehehehe!


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