Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Facial Treatment on Weekend

I'll be going out with a blogger friend on Saturday for an Intense Diamond Peel. I can't wait to see myself with a clearer facial skin after treatment. It is a one session gift certificate given to us when I attended a blog anniversary of Occasions of Joy. I don't pay much attention to my pimples when they appear since they easily subside in a day or two. I have a complete set of facial treatment at home using only one brand from facial foam to moisturizer. I'm blessed to have a clear face and definitely an acne would scare me if it appears. I would surely look for the best acne solutions. Visiting a derm clinic would be a regular weekend schedule for me. I think this is just a sign of a woman who is starting to live in a middle age. I am not a late bloomer, I guess. I just want to hide these wrinkles and acne that sometimes last until middle age and other blemishes that are starting to appear in my face.


  1. Have fun on your Pamper day!

    Im sure Retin A (meron pa ba nyan?) isn't an option yet...

  2. te, sama mo ako...ehehhee...have fun!

  3. Ni hindi ko na experience magpafacial. Matry nga some other free time.


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