Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nostalgia 41: Remembering EDSA People Power

I was in 3rd year high school when EDSA People Power happened. I was already aware that time of what was happening around the country. My sister who was in college the time went to EDSA all the way from Batangas and joined the rally. I could still recall that day how proud she was to have been a part of the People Power.
It was February 25, 1986 when President Marcos stepped down from his throne after two decades of dictatorship. Today, I kept telling my children about EDSA People Power by which I have witnessed in my generation. I couldn't imagine how people were united that time despite the fact that internet and social media did not even yet exist. Today, the recent protests of other countries like Egypt, Libya and Greece remind me of our own People Power that sets the world a history for a bloodless revolution. Unlike their rallies and protests, ours was a peaceful revolution with only prayers, rosaries and flowers used as arms to end the dictatorship. Watching the video of 1986 People Power made me feel proud to be a Filipino!

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  1. Alam mo sis, sa laki siguro ng problemang hinaharap namin noon, di ko maalaala ang detail ng EDSA Revolution, plus the fact na ala kaming TV wahhhh. Thanks for sharing the vid.

  2. sis, this is one great moment in our history, lukcy those who have participated before... enjoy your holiday!

  3. let's spread the meaning and make sure it continues to burn in our hearts!!!!! Much is to be done but this is a great nation and I believe in the resilience of the Filipino!!!!

  4. sis, BatangueƱa ka ba? ako kase BatangueƱa.

    naalala ko noon nagkakagulo mga teachers ko. iyon nga pala nasa news na ang people's revolution against F. Marcos.

    bakit wala ka lagi sa PBM? may pm ako sa yo ha?

  5. i was only five years old that akong maalala..hehehe..
    mine is up..
    My Nostalgia

  6. oh my...25 years na pala...been a long time...ako wala talaga akong maalala..I was 2 at that time.

  7. Sure ka third year hs ka in 1986? Ako ten years old pa lamang pero mukhang matanda pa ako keysa sau. pinauwi kami noong Feb 25, 1986 dahil nagbombahan na daw sa EDSA.


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