Friday, February 4, 2011

Micro SD for my Daughter

I am thinking of upgrading my desktop because I oftentimes use my daughter's laptop and find it more convenient when I'm home and doing a multitasking job. And since there are valentine's sales this month, I would also like to grab the opportunity to buy her a micro sd. She is requesting for this because all her school projects are needed to be in one flash drive and all her files cannot be stored in small memory capacity drive. We've been using one flash drive since then and I thought of purchasing one for her. In this technology age, USB drives are a must for a modern student like her. I must buy her maybe a 16-gigabyte so she won't have any excuses anymore why she wasn't able to finish a certain project in school. With that, all her files will have an ample storage and hope this will help her a lot in her studies.


  1. go go go na...eehhehe...:) dami naman moolah kaya buy agad!

    lubos na gumagalang...ay mali, dumadalaw pala...ehehehe!

    a quick visit here te.


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