Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Love Shoes!

I can relate when people say they work for shoes. Although I don't earn that much, I allocate a big part of my money for my shoes. I don't only go for stylish or trendy shoes but also for the quality. Same goes to my children. I always pick a brand with good quality and let them choose only for the style that they want. I found this shop online that provides a high quality yet very trendy for their school shoes. My daughters, one in 3rd secondary level and one in fifth grade level this coming school year, are quite very picky in choosing their footwear especially for their school shoes. I don't want to end up buying cheaper ones and suffer the quality that will last only for a month. They need durable shoes that are also comfortable to wear for a whole day stay at school.

In choosing school shoes, always choose the shoes that give a good support and shoes that breathe so as not to get their feet sweaty. Remember that these shoes are to be worn for many hours and they should not be too big nor too small for their feet. Whether they are running, dancing, tennis or school shoes, comfort should always come first. We all have different shoe types and so the needs of our feet differ from each others too. I go for heeled shoes. They give me comfort when walking. Sounds ironic but I feel comfortable with it.

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  1. oh I love shoes...hehhehe....don ako sa mumurahin...ehhehehe!


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