Sunday, February 20, 2011

Get Back Into Shape

I just came home from a blog anniversary party and uploaded the photos at once from my camera. I was so excited to see the pictures from the event but I was totally disappointed to see almost all my photos with my bulging tummy. It looks so ugly and I couldn't hide it anymore with the fitting blouse that I wore. I should not blame the tops but the calories I have acquired in the previous days and and skipping the diet plan I have prepared for myself. I shall look for the best diet pill review to see the best plan for me. Today, I totally lost control with the yummy food that the party host served for us. If I may count, maybe, I have taken thousands of calories for my heavy lunch today. Sigh. I am desperate and want to see my self fit again in a size 28 pants. I certainly need lots of discipline to achieve this. If you see my photos being posted here, well, I am just good at hiding my tummy.

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